• On Sunday 25th of June 2023 we displayed this beautiful Yoroi with Maru ni Chigai Takanoha Mon - 丸に違い鷹の羽紋 (crossing hawk feathers in a ring crest) in our Dojo, during our 35 years anniversary celebration. Thank you to Japan Center Antwerpen.

Here is a story of a Samurai that wore vermillion-red armor - 朱色の鎧 (Shuiro no Yoroi)

Amongst the most trusted and talented warriors of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu was a general called Ii Naomasa, feared and respected equally by friend and foe alike.Naomasa and his men would become infamous for wearing blood red armor in battle, earning themselves the nickname 'The Red Devils' and a reputation just as terrifying.The battle of Sekigahara would be Naomasa's greatest triumph, but in the closing stages of the battle, while personally leading an attack, Ii Naomasa was shot and grievously wounded.He died in 1602 at the age of 41.