Genbukan Honbu (headquarters) was founded on 28 November 1984 in Japan by Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Shoto Sensei. It consists of 4 organisations:

• Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation (GWNBF) - since 1984
• Kokusai Ju-Jutsu Renmei (KJJR) - since 1991
• Japan Kobudo/Koryu Bujutsu World Federation (JKWF) - since 2004
• Amatsu Tatara World Federation (ATWF) - since 2006

These organisations all share the same purpose: to continue to hand down traditional Japanese martial arts, developing them further and spread them to next generations by nurturing future instructors. Not only physical techniques are being taught, the traditional spiritual learnings are also very important to live a balanced life!

Genbukan literally means: "The place that nurtures the martial art professionals; the place radiating with an exquisite martial art. A place of practice for techniques which are mysterious, strange and marvellous. The one who masters Ninpo gives light to the (outer) world of darkness!". The Buddhist indomitable sacred wheel, the eight-spoked Chakra, is the symbol of Genbukan. The Chakra (Horin) was originally an ancient weapon of India, later adopted for rituals in Tantric Buddhism. It symbolizes the destruction of evil and all that comes in the way of Dharma (the law and order of the Universe). In the center is a sacred mirror manifesting the oneness of the divine spirit and soul. With the character "Nin" (perseverance), we express our desire to attain this oneness.

The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai Ju-Jutsu Renmei have many branches in America, Europe and Asia. There are about 5000 students over 120 Dojo in more than 30 countries at this moment.

Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Shoto Sensei opened the new Genbukan Honbu Dojo on his 58th birthday on 28 August 2005, next to the old Genbukan Honbu Dojo.


Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Shoto Sensei, whose martial arts names are "Bi Koku Ryu" (Secret Black Dragon), "Ko Gyoku" (Shining Ball), "Fudo Masachika" (Immovable Righteous Man) and "Genju", was born on 28 August 1947 in Matsubushi-Machi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. His given name is Tanemura Tsunehisa Minamoto no Shoto. He took the name Shoto which means "Law of the sword". He is a descendant of Shiro Takatsuna (of the Sasaki Samurai family). One of Takatsuna's sons changed his name in Tanemura (to avoid retribution by the warlord) and took his family to the Matsubushi area where they remained for the last few 100 years.

A grandson of Takeda Shingen came to the Matsubushi area and was later adopted by the Tanemura family. He mixed his blood with that of the Tanemura family. The symbol of the Tanemura family is a combination of the Sasaki emblem and the emblem of Takeda. The females of the Tanemura family use a similar emblem which is also used by the women of the Imperial Family of Japan.

His father, Sadatsune Tanemura (5th Dan Onoha Itto Ryu and 17th Family Head of a Samurai line with roots to Emperors Uda and Seiwa) and father's uncle, Kakunosuke Yamazaki (8th Dan Onoha Itto Ryu), introduced him at the age of 9 to the martial arts (Kendo, Juken-Jutsu, Nin-Jutsu and Ju-Jutsu). It was a very hard time for the young Grandmaster who received his first Menkyo Kaiden in Shinden Fudo Ryu and Kukishin Ryu at the age of 21!

He majored in law at Hosei University and at the age of 22 he became a police officer (Lieutenant), later an instructor, at Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Academy. He was a member of Japan's elite Kidotai Police Unit and involved in hostage, rescue and security operations. After 14 years of service he left the Police Academy to complete his mission: teaching true martial arts to the world.

Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Shoto Sensei has done many demonstrations worldwide and taught Ninpo and Ju-Jutsu to FBI agents, policemen, SWAT teams, SAS and other elite-team instructors. He was the first Grandmaster of Ninpo ever who left Japan in 1976 to teach in a Western country (USA - Atlanta). He was also the teacher of the first foreigners (Doron Navon, Stephen Hayes, ...) who came to Japan to learn Ninpo in the seventies. Nowadays he is still a much respected Grandmaster all over the world who teaches both Iga Ryu and Koga Ryu Ninpo, who has more then 50 years experience in martial arts (over 23 Ryu-Ha) and who is still studying and learning new styles.

He is now Soke/Soshi (Grandmaster) of not only Ninpo, but also of various Ryu-Ha (Martial Traditions) like for example Amatsu Tatara Bumon & Shumon (Japan's oldest secret school), which has almost disappeared in modern times, and also Chinese martial arts. Currently he's teaching Ninpo as the "Art of the martial arts". His schools (Genbukan Ninpo Bugei and Kokusai Ju-Jutsu Renmei Dojo) have their headquarters (Honbu Dojo) at his home where he also maintains the position of Kancho (Head of the association).

Some of Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Shoto Sensei's teachers: Takamatsu Toshitsugu Sensei, Sato Kinbei Sensei, Kimura Masaji Sensei, Fukumoto Yoshio Sensei, Kobayashi Masao Sensei, Hatsumi Yoshiaki Sensei, Seishiro Saito Sensei, Nagao Zenyu Sensei.


• Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation - President

• Kokusai Ju-Jutsu Renmei Federation - President

• Japan Kobudo World Federation - President

• Amatsu Tatara World Federation - President

• Amatsu Tatara Bumon & Shumon - 58th Soke

• Shinden Tatara Ryu Taijutsu - 55th Soke

• Shinden Kito Ryu Bojutsu - 55th Soke

• Hontai Yoshin Takagi Ryu Jujutsu - 18th Soke

• Hontai Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu - 18th Soke

• Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin-Ryu - 18th Soke

• Gikan Ryu Koppo-Jutsu - 14th Soke

• Asayama Ichiden Ryu Taijutsu - 18th Soke

• Chinese Martial Art Hakkesho (Pakua) - 5th Denjin

• Bokuden Ryu Jujutsu - 16th Soke

• Tenshin Koryu Kenpo - Menkyo Kaiden

• Itten Ryushin Chukai Ryu Jujutsu - 3rd Soke

• Araki Shin Ryu - 18th Soke

• Yagyu Shingan Kacchu Yawara - Menkyo Kaiden

• Shinden Fudo Ryu Daken-Taijutsu Tanemura-Ha - Soke

• Kukishinden Happo Biken-Jutsu Tanemura-Ha - Soke

• Togakure Ryu Ninpo Tanemura-Ha - Soke

• Gyokko Ryu Kosshi-Jutsu Tanemura-Ha - Soke

• Koto Ryu Koppo-Jutsu Tanemura-Ha - Soke

• Kijin Chosui Ryu Daken-Taijutsu - 41st Soke

• Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Yamamoto-Ha - Kyoju Dairi

• Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai-Jutsu - Kyoju Dairi

• Aizuhan-Den Onoha Itto Ryu - Kyoju Dairi

Other trained schools:

Iga Ryu Ninpo, Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo, Gyokushin Ryu Koppo-Jutsu, Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Ju-Jutsu, Yoshin Ryu Ju-Jutsu, Onoha Itto Ryu Ken-Jutsu, Shindo Munen Ryu Ken-Jutsu, Daiwado Ju-Jutsu, Shindo Muso Ryu Jo-Jutsu, Kageyama Ryu Ken-Jutsu, Kito Ryu Ju-Jutsu, Shin Kage Ryu, Shikomizue-Jutsu, Takeda Ryu Aiki-no-Jutsu, Kendo, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Taikyoku-Ken, Kei-i-Ken, India Martial Arts.