Besides training in the club, on fixed days and hours, it's also possible to have tailor-made training.


What: training of Japanese martial arts (physical) + soft-skills for companies (theory) + demonstration
Why: meaningful and efficient training (at your own pace) + a glimpse into the Japanse business world
Who: the whole team (management included if desired)
When: date to be agreed
Where: on your location or in our club
Duration: 3u (with breaks)

Contact us without obligation for more information.


Ju-Jutsu for youth improves the physical and motor development. Youth need to get rid of their energy and do this best in a pleasurable way. They learn breakfalls, become more flexible and dextrous and learn to work together with other youth and adults. Ju-Jutsu has an educational and social function: respect for each other, discipline, defensibleness (assertiveness), self-control, learn to accept guidance and sense of responsibility are concepts that are learned. All techniques are taught according their own rhythm and capabilities by teachers who have many years experience in this matter.

We can teach during physical education classes as well as on sports days. Contact us without obligation for more information.


We regularly organize courses ourselves (such as self-defense for women). But if you want to organize a course with your company or association in collaboration with us, this is also possible. Contact us without obligation for more information.


If you rather prefer not to train in a group for private or professional reasons, taking private lessons may be an ideal solution for you! Contact us without obligation for more information.