24 OCTOBER 2018
• On Sunday 21 October 2018 Chief Dojo-Cho Renshi Filip Poffé, Tetsukabuto Dojo-Cho Pieter Thijs and Shiraha Dojo-Cho Axel Boets could receive, during the Spain Taikai, succesfully Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai-Jutsu Shoden Menkyo as well as Shinden Fudo Ryu Ju-Taijutsu (Tanemura-Ha) Shoden Menkyo.

• A new video was uploaded on our YouTube channel.

01 AUGUST 2018
• Resumption training:
Chiryaku Dojo Tienen (from 14 years on) from Monday 3 September 2018.
Shiraha Dojo Tienen (from 6-13 years) from Saturday 1 September 2018.
Tetsukabuto Dojo Hoegaarden (from 14 years on) from Thursday 6 September 2018.

26 JUNE 2018
• On Monday 25 June 2018 Tetsukabuto Dojo-Cho Pieter Thijs did succesful check-test for 3rd Dan KJJR Ju-Jutsu in Sporthal Houtemveld in Tienen in front of Dojo-Cho Renshi Filip Poffé.

29 MAY 2018
• On this day, exactly 30 years ago, Chiryaku Dojo Belgium was founded, at that moment under the name Genbukan Ninpo Group Tienen!

16 MAY 2018
• A picture of Chiryaku Dojo Belgium taken during a Jujutsu demonstration can be found back in the recently published book "Sport@Tienen" on page 103! 

05 MAY 2018
• Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw taught initiation self-defense on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 May 2018 during the sportsdays of the Vrije Basisschool De Regenboog in Linter and the Gemeentelijke Basisschool in Boutersem!

27 APRIL 2018
• Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw taught initiation self-defense on Tuesday 24, Thursday 26 and Friday 27 April 2018 during the Sportsterrendagen (Sport Vlaanderen) in Tienen.

17 MARCH 2018
• Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw joined again the yearly spring-cleaning in Tienen city!

06 MARCH 2018
• Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw organises a self-defense course for women. The start is on Friday 30 March. More information + subscription via!

29 JANUARY 2018
• Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw signed the "Ook wij sporten Geestig Gezond!" declaration. 

03 JANUARY 2018
• Happy New-Year!