Today our club took part again in the Spring Cleaning in collaboration with Stad Tienen and Mooimakers, with the aim of collecting litter. "To do something back for nature..."

Best Wishes


• Good fortune and good health in 2024!
Shinnen Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu

• Resumption training:
Chiryaku Dojo Tienen (from 14 years on) from Monday 4 September 2023.
Shiraha Dojo Tienen (from 6-13 years) from Saturday 2 September 2023.
Tetsukabuto Dojo Hoegaarden (from 14 years on) from Thursday 7 September 2023.



• On Sunday 25th of June 2023 we displayed this beautiful Yoroi with Maru ni Chigai Takanoha Mon - 丸に違い鷹の羽紋 (crossing hawk feathers in a ring crest) in our Dojo, during our 35 years anniversary celebration. Thank you to Japan Center Antwerpen.

• Many thanks to everyone for showing up during our demonstrations on Sunday 25th of June 2023. More photos and videos will be posted in the following days.

• On Tuesday 20 June 2023 Chief Dojo-Cho Renshi Filip Poffé and Tetsukabuto Dojo-Cho Pieter Thijs taught martial arts at the Sportinstuif at Sporthal Houtemveld.

• This year Chiryaku Dojo Belgium vzw also participated in association with the City of Tienen and Mooimakers in the Lenteschoonmaak to gather litter.

• On the Annual Meeting of Wednesday 4 January 2023 Staff-member Shiraha Dojo-Cho Axel Boets was replaced by Groupleader Reinout D'haeseleer.