October 2024 (Japan)

A Tai-Kai is a special international event where students from all over the world have the opportunity to train with other students and can receive teachings or watch demonstrations directly from Tanemura Soke, his Shihan or other Black-Belt Instructors.

The program is mostly split up into Instructors training, Public training and lectures by Tanemura Soke. Sometimes outdoor training is done or a spiritual seminar is held.

Participants have the chance to learn armed and unarmed techniques coming from all our martial arts systems and members have the chance to do check-tests in front of Tanemura Soke and his Staff. It is a very special atmosphere to train with hundreds of people at the same time ...

Afterwards a certificate of the Taikai is issued and every Dojo has the chance to take a group-picture together with Tanemura Soke.

In the past some of the teachers of Tanemura Soke appeared on Tai-Kai as very special guest (Sato Kinbei Sensei, Nagao Zenyu Sensei).

Since 2008 traditional Ryu-Ha (schools/styles, Shoden Kirigami and Shoden Menkyo level patterns) were introduced on Tai-Kai.