Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu

Gikan Ryu is almost totally unknown to the public and the secret techniques were handed down only to the next generation. The Gikan Ryu Grandmaster was Uryu Hanga Gikanbo. He was of the Eiroku Era (1558-1570). He was a ruler of Kawachi no Kuni (Osaka) with the clan castle "Uryujo". He was a true warrior and martial artist. His original intentions were to strive to keep the country at peace for all time. From his teachings there comes his slogan "Bufu Ni Sente Nashi" ("From this side there is not the first strike").

The Gikan Ryu was developed by Gikanbo with a lot based on the Chinese style of Cho Gyokko's line. He then merged these with native Japanese martial arts. This style contains special kicks, punches and throws. Grades were awarded on a step by step level system being scrolls for: Shoden Gata, Chuden Gata, Okuden Gata and Kaiden Gata.

In ancient times the name Jujutsu was not used. The styles were termed: Kosshijutsu, Koppojutsu, Daken-Taijutsu. His special punch could break a sword and he was a specialist of Koppojutsu, Hichojutsu, Senban Nage-Jutsu, ... .

The 10th generation Uryu Gikanbo went by the same name as the first. This man was a warrior supporting the Emperor's side during the rebellion of "Tenchi Gumi no Ran" at the end of Edo Era on August 17th, 1863. This was a famous battle. He was a tremendous force in the battle, being injured by a rifle shot he continued attacking with his one arm until he was overcome by many swordcuts from his enemies. Injured to the point of exhaustion he retired from the battle behind a temple. Found there by an Iga warrior, Ishitani Matsutaro, on his way to join the battle.

He was told by Gikanbo that it had finished. Ishitani aided Gikanbo and took him into Iga to recover, later being repaid for this kindness by being taught Gikan Ryu techniques. On his own merit Ishitani Matsutaro was a Grandmaster already of Takagi Yoshin Ryu and Kukishin Ryu, ... .

In Meiji Era, when Ishitani was 61 he was given employment by the father of Takamatsu Sensei at the family (matches) factory. From this Ishitani started teaching Takamatsu Sensei. From Ishitani Sensei, Takamatsu Sensei was granted the Grandmastership of the next generation in Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Kukishin Ryu, Gikan Ryu, ... . In June of 1952 as a student of Grandmaster Takamatsu Toshitsugu Sensei, Grandmaster Sato Kinbei Sensei was awarded Grandmastership in Takagi Yoshin Ryu and Kukishin Ryu. In January of 1963, for Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu. Until now any information concerning Gikan Ryu has been held exclusively by Grandmaster Sato Kinbei Sensei, in the various forms of knowledge, scrolls and texts. This is the fantastic Gikan Ryu, because Grandmaster Sato Kinbei Sensei kept the sacred heritage, secret given him by Grandmaster Takamatsu Toshitsugu Sensei. Only now he's awarding these to his choice of next generation in the person of Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto Sensei to succeed him as next generation Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Takamatsu Toshitsugu Sensei had also awarded this to his oldest student Grandmaster Akimoto Fumio Sensei, but this was also based through his family-line in Gikan Ryu and also the correct Shoken Ryu Daken-Taijutsu. He died and unfortunately his scrolls and other things were destroyed during World War II. In November 1989, all these scrolls and other things were awarded to Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto Sensei for his care to be the 14th Grandmaster of Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu.

The generation line: Uryu Hangan Gikanbo, Uryu Hangan Yoshichika, Uryu Kanzui, Uryu Nobuyoshi, Uryu Tenkaibo, Uryu Hidechika, Uryu Sokaibo, Uryu Shinkaibo, Uryu Gikaibo, Uryu Gikanbo, Ishitani Matsutaro, Takamatsu Toshitsugu, Sato Kinbei, Tanemura Shoto.

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